Bavarian Nordic launches early trial for HIV vaccine

Denmark's Bavarian Nordic has launched a Phase I/II trial of an experimental HIV vaccine. Safety data from the study is expected by the end of this year with immunogenicity data following in the first half of next year. Researchers are building on an earlier vaccine program, hoping to stimulate a broad immune response to the majority of the HIV proteins.

"Our strong expertise in HIV vaccine development has expedited the development of the multiantigen vaccine and it is exciting that we now again are in clinical development with an HIV vaccine candidate," said Anders Hedegaard, president and CEO of Bavarian Nordic. "The HIV multiantigen program indeed benefits from the data generated in our previous HIV studies, demonstrating a unique safety profile of MVA in this high-risk population, as well as the potential to control HIV replication."

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ALSO: Xinhuanet reports that Jean-Francois Delfraissy, director of France's National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, here has "ruled out any hope of developing a vaccine to fight HIV/AIDS in the short term, according to reliable sources." Report