ALSO NOTED: Vaccine-preventable cases plunge; UK clinics offering cervical cancer vaccine; Sinovac bird flu vaccine registers p

Vaccine Trends

A new study concludes that the number of vaccine-preventable cases in the U.S. has dropped to an all-time low, with hospitalizations and deaths plunging as well. Report 

Even as overall HIV infection rates decline, the number of infections among certain groups of men under 30 has spiked. Article

Conservatives and Labor Party members are pushing to levy fines against hospitals for every new superbug case that develops in a facility. Report

Vaccine Marketing

The UK's National Health Service will begin inoculating 12-year-old girls with Gardasil and Cervarix this autumn, but some private clinics have already begun to offer it to children as young as nine. Report

There's been a growing debate in India over its long use of oral polio vaccine, when some say the injectable version would have eradicated the disease long ago. Report

The weakened polio virus used in the oral vaccine against polio can mutate into a dangerous version of the disease, making the eradication of polio worldwide very difficult. Report

An attempt to gain an approval for Cervarix in New Zealand, the Ministry of Health is laying the groundwork for a potential bidding war to supply the country with the HPV vaccine. Article

Vaccine Research

China's Sinovac says that its vaccine for the H5N1 strain of bird flu demonstrated positive results in a mid-stage trial. Report

Acambis announced positive data from two trials of its universal influenza vaccine ACAM-FLU-A. Release 

Researchers at the Medical College of Georgia Cancer Center are packaging an antigen gene that will alert the immune system in a novel viral vector delivery system while quashing the body's misguided efforts to protect a tumor. Release 

A newly minted PhD is suggesting freeze drying protein molecules as a way to store flu vaccines for a long period of time. Release

Researchers at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine's Center for Global Health & Diseases suggest that a Duffy binding protein-based vaccine could provide protection against malaria blood-stage infection. Release

A recent study supports a theory that seasonal flu vaccines may offer a slight amount of protection against bird flu, Italian researchers reported. Report

And Finally... Scientists in the UK have been working to develop a vaccine to save the country's red squirrel population from a deadly virus. Report