Acambis launches C. diff trial; VaxInnate takes second flu vaccine to clinic;

Vaccine Research

Acambis has begun a large human trial of an experimental vaccine for the superbug C. difficile. Report

VaxInnate announced that its second influenza vaccine candidate has entered clinical development. VaxInnate release

Researchers at Wayne State University say that a preclinical breast cancer vaccine destroyed HER2-positive tumors without toxicity. Story

A French study has concluded that children with MS were almost twice as likely to have been given the Engerix B vaccine for hepatitis B. New work is being done to see if the vaccine triggers MS. Report

Vaccine Market

Citing the worsening economic climate, Solvay Pharmaceuticals says it won't be building a new, $386 million flu vaccine manufacturing facility. Report

Antigenics has won permission to start exporting its cancer vaccine to Russia. Antigenics release

Some advocacy groups are challenging a new rule that requires female immigrants aged 11 to 26 to get an HPV vaccination. Report