Report: GSK to grow manufacturing presence in France as it dumps an R&D facility

Despite news that GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) is dumping a satellite R&D facility in France and cutting 70 positions, the pharma giant says it will grow its manufacturing presence in the country.

The U.K.-based GSK told the publication in-Pharmatechnologist it remains committed to France and will beef up its investment in manufacturing there, including adding new jobs.

"We anticipate adding a further 300 skilled jobs across our three industrial sites around the country in 2015-2016," according to a company statement reported by the publication.

GSK has an inhalation plant in Evreux, an oral dosage site in Mayenne, and a vaccine facility in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux.

Last week it was reported the company had begun shuttering its research facility at Les Ulis and letting go of staff as it looks for another pharmaceutical company to buy the operation. GSK said it will concentrate its R&D operations in Philadelphia and in the U.K.

Glaxo and its stock have been suffering as of late as a suite of new drug approvals offered up in the past few years haven't produced big revenues it hoped would make up for the loss of patent protection for its megablockbuster Advair franchise.

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