Gorsky pleads with employees to think quality

Another Big Pharma CEO is having a pep talk with employees about manufacturing lapses and the need to reflect on quality. Pharmalot says that Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) CEO Alex Gorsky has sent a letter to employees asking them to reflect on the company's credo and offer up suggestions on how it can do better. The company has had a series of manufacturing problems, particularly in its consumer health division. Last week, officials in South Korea said they had started a criminal investigation into why J&J's Janssen unit there continued to sell Children's Tylenol after discovering it might contain more than the labeled amounts of acetaminophen, a problem that can lead to liver damage. Gorsky's plea is reflective of a move last year by Novartis ($NVS) CEO Joseph Jimenez. He launched a campaign and asked employees to rededicate themselves to quality after a series of manufacturing problems that led to an FDA warning letter as well as problems in its OTC operations. Story | More