What does the future of specialist distribution look like?

Joining us on this episode of The Top Line is Jeff Beck, Chief Development Officer at BioCare.

With over 40 years of experience in specialty product distribution, starting with hemophilia therapies back when specialty products were first emerging, BioCare stands as a pioneer in the field.

In his role as Chief Development Officer, Beck is a busy man. He is a part of the Executive Leadership Team who leads the expansion and diversification of BioCare’s manufacturer and product portfolio.

The discussion begins with something of a health update in relation to the specialty distribution market. Here, Beck explains that it is working well currently thanks to a largely effective patient-centric model and efficient supply chain.

The future of specialty distribution, he says, will involve increasing personalization, handling more complex product archetypes, expanding data capabilities and adapting to new regulations like the Inflation Reduction Act. In terms of expanded data capabilities, Beck goes into detail on what some of these data needs are likely to entail – visibility across all sites of care, inventory tracking and analyzing the patient journey for each product launch.

Want to hear more from Beck, including his take on what sets BioCare apart and how emerging manufacturers will need more support from specialty distributors in the future?

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