Turning information into outcomes with MedThink Communications

“We have a vision, which is to close the gap between scientific knowledge and clinical practice.”

With over 30 years of career in healthcare communications and medical education, John Kane has first-hand experience working across a wide range of therapeutic categories. He brings this experience to his role as Managing Director at MedThink Communications. Before joining MedThink Communications, he founded and led his own healthcare communications agency for 17 years.

In this episode of The Top Line, John sits down with Stephanie Butler to dive into a range of topics pertinent to the work of MedThink, whose overriding aim is to close the gap between scientific knowledge and clinical practice or, as John states, to "turn information into outcomes." 

Such talking points include the importance of physicians considering patients' psychosocial and clinical status while developing treatment plans. Here, John argues that a patient's psychosocial status can significantly impact the treatment outcome, with many social and psychological factors also feeding into the optimum choice of treatment a physician may prescribe. 

The conversation goes on to discuss how the likes of MedThink are aiming to level the playing field between psychological and technical/biological aspects of clinical decision-making, with John outlining some key challenges and solutions. 

Tune in to the full conversation to find out more!

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