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Shining a spotlight on children’s health with Cognoa

Dr. Dennis Wall is a pioneering scientist who has focused his career on developing innovations to assess, diagnose and positively impact developmental and behavioral differences in children as early, and as equitably, as possible.

He is recognized as one of the world's top autism researchers, has more than 200 papers and patents published to his name and is the founder of Cognoa, a company developing AI-based products in the fields of early childhood development and pediatric behavioral health. Cognoa developed Canvas Dx, the first and only diagnostic based on responsible AI that enables more healthcare professionals to assess children with developmental delay, diagnose or rule out autism, and unlock the right next steps in care.

In this conversation, Dennis offers his take on the key trends that will shape the healthcare sector in 2024, including generative AI and the implications this will have on key issues such as patient privacy. He also goes on to outline some of the key innovation areas Cognoa will be focusing on during the next 12 months.

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