Pushing Your Frontline into a New Frontier

The pharmaceutical industry is complex.  A litany of companies and brands are competing for top-of-mind usage with clinicians, a cohesive partnership with payers, and active engagement with patients. It’s hard enough to bring a drug to market, but how do brands keep their products positioned appropriately with limited resources, data and time?

Rewind over 20 years and enter contract sales organizations (CSOs) – an industry that has had its fair share of ups and downs along with their clients, the pharmaceutical companies. The big and small CSO players have helped pharmaceutical companies ramp up and down as lifecycle management and performance levels have evolved over time.

Now enter a new era - the era of personalized, value-based contracting, powered by real world evidence and delivered by real patient support models that have helped companies get closer to the goal of “patient centricity.” Finally the term is becoming more than a buzzword on the speaking circuit.

A value-driven field force goes beyond traditional sales territory mapping, target lists, training and tactical value propositions. As EVERSANA CEO Jim Lang recently said, “Field solutions are rapidly becoming more sophisticated, clinically oriented and data-driven. Real world success requires seamless commercial strategy when the reps in the field can both describe value and capture the data to measure value for all patients, payers and providers.”  

When you’re in clinical development and prepping for launch, you now need:

  • Medical Science Liaisons to build KOL relationships and proactively educate providers based on collaborations with the patient community
  • To get your payer-facing field team up to speed on your market access strategy and arm them with the right tools from an integrated marketing agency
  • To define your commercial footprint and deploy the talent acquisition, recruitment and training operations to build an effective field force
  • And it’s all based on strategic insights developed by industry-leading consulting, stakeholder engagement and customized market research

When you’ve launched and every hour matters, you must have:

  • Effective coordination of all of your field resources – sales team, telesales & reimbursement support – to drive uptake, adherence, effective reimbursement and hub utilization rates
  • Technology platforms integrated with your HUB and specialty pharmacy or 3PL provider to deliver unmatched visibility, accountability, and efficiency
  • And real-time insights to effectively tweak your GTM strategy without losing valuable time

When you need to build greater commercial success, be prepared with:       

  • Clinical nurse support that’s been briefed by the HUB and providers with personalized strategies to support patients on therapy and bolster adherence
  • And an efficiently deployed commercial field force that’s accountable to performance data and also sharing insights to sustain access and volume

To build a value-driven field force, you need a fully integrated and independent commercial services platform. A partner that doesn’t look at the field team as merely an outbound message operation, but rather a two-way communication resource on the front line to reach, engage and act on feedback and data from providers, payers and patients. That’s how we can solve pricing, access, reimbursement, adherence and product delivery challenges.

Welcome to the new era of the CSO. Are you ready? We are.

Learn more about EVERSANA’s integrated solution platform at EVERSANA.COM and email me at [email protected] to discuss how we mobilize your field force the right way, right now. 

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.