The New Gold Standard of Drug Commercialization

We find ourselves in a brave, new world. While institutional market sectors such as entertainment and hospitality struggle, life sciences find comfort in the promise of a  rowing therapeutic pipeline. However, now more than ever, we must look for ways to streamline cost and mitigate risk. When working with established pharmaceutical companies or emerging entities, we recommend turning our clients’ attention away from traditional launch and commercialization approaches that may not stand the test of time.

Manufacturers spend >$125MM over three years leading up to launch, yet 66% of drugs don’t meet launch expectations.1 An unpredictable landscape, coupled with inevitable industry pressures, is forcing manufacturers to seek a more complete commercialization approach with less risk and more value.

Selling or in-licensing their product to another pharmaceutical company with an established infrastructure (e.g., field solutions, patient services and channel distribution) is a common pathway manufacturers use to commercialize. The problem with this strategy is the loss of ownership in an investment that takes years – sometimes decades – to develop. Manufacturers should not be forced to sacrifice their value just to make their life-altering drug available to patients; nor should they have to invest
$125MM+ over three years to commercialize on their own. Until now, there was no other way.

The First & Only Go-To Complete Commercialization Expert in the Industry

In 2018, EVERSANA, a leading provider of commercial services to the life science industry, implemented a strategy to offer a complete, full-scale, customized model for product commercialization.  Our  end-to- end commercialization engine, officially referred to as EVERSANA™ COMPLETE COMMERCIALIZATION, gives manufacturers full access to launch strategy, execution and long-term outsourced services (including distribution, field support and patient hub services) through a contracted, multi-year model. We invested over half a billion dollars, so manufacturers and investors don’t need to; plus, we continue to invest significantly year over year.
In partnering with EVERSANA, manufacturers and investors alike:

  • Maintain full ownership of their asset.
  • Capture full revenue potential through maturity.
  • Optimize their launch performance.

With over 25 years of experience spanning all facets of the pharmaceutical industry, I believe this model enables a critical factor no company ever dared to achieve: organic connectivity and synergy throughout allstages of commercialization. Guided by one dedicated commercialization leader and supported by a deep bench of industry experts, a manufacturer can partner with EVERSANA to maximize streamlined communications and operational efficiencies. Employing a single team with one shared goal enables a manufacturer to overcome external pressures, mitigate risk and successfully bring its drug to market; COMPLETE COMMERCIALIZATION is quickly becoming the new gold standard.

Unified, Predictive and Actionable Data Maximizes Growth Potential

Product launches for unique, life-altering therapies demand integrated data and analytics across the patient journey.
Our investments in military-grade artificial intelligence and machine learning have strengthened our commercialization engine with the power of predictive analytics to improve patient outcomes, such as shortening the time to accurate diagnosis by years or identifying undiagnosed patients with a rare or complex condition.
Our predictive platform built on unified patient data – combined with our best-in-class patient engagement, market access and distribution solutions – affords EVERSANA the unique ability to:

  • Maximize the ROI of data and analytic investments,
  • Enhance decision-making, and
  • Create a seamless patient journey, influence ideal behaviors and positively impact outcomes.

EVERSANA COMPLETE COMMERCIALIZATION breaks down traditional health care silos to deliver actionable data analytics that drive decisions: understand the complexity of disease, improve forecasting and communications with patients, design more effective clinical trials, predict trends, customize treatment pathways and so much more.

Real-World Impact: Partnership With Zosano Pharma

EVERSANA recently announced a partnership with Zosano Pharma to commercialize and distribute Qtrypta™, a first- of-its-kind transdermal microneedle therapy for the acute treatment of migraines.

“This collaboration enables us to access a comprehensive commercial organization without the significant expense and time that would have been required to build our own infrastructure. We and EVERSANA have been working closely to ensure our commercialization strategies are aligned to provide appropriate resources to enable patients to access Qtrypta if approved,” said Steven Lo, president and CEO of Zosano. With this partnership, Zosano is able to bypass fundraising for their launch and maintain the vast majority of the economic value of their product that would be lost if they licensed it out. Additionally, Zosano was able to minimize risk and exposure while reducing their up-front cash investments.


In my opinion, this innovative commercialization model,  while groundbreaking, may in fact be the safest bet for those looking for less financial risk without compromising market impact. Our complete end-to-end commercialization model enables manufacturers to bring their drug to market at a fraction of the cost of “going it alone” or partnering with another pharmaceutical company. In a world that is ever- changing, traditional strategies demand a tune-up as well.

1. Ten years on: Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation, 2019. Deloitte Center for Health Solutions. Beyond the storm: Launch excellence in the new normal, McKinsey & Company.

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.