Inside Abbott’s beating heart of electrophysiology innovation

Abbott's suite of electrophysiology products includes an ecosystem which combines the 3D mapping system, EnSite X, and a large portfolio of catheters and tools that operate on EnSite X.

“The reason that this gives us innovative strength lies in the characteristics of the patients that electrophysiologists are treating. These patients present with a huge variety of different arrhythmias, and they need different approaches, different catheters, different software algorithms to successfully and safely treat those patients.”

Dr. Christopher Piorkowski is the Divisional Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Abbott's Electrophysiology business. In this edition of The Top Line podcast, he joins us to discuss the company’s up and coming electrophysiology solutions and advancements, as well as best practices to support treatment for abnormal heart rhythms.

Abbott’s portfolio of bold solutions allow for the treatment of a huge variety of patient arrhythmias. This includes its 3D mapping system, EnSite X, which Piorkowski describes as the company’s most important product development of the past decade. To Piorkowski, this advancement in 3D mapping represents a transition comparable to that from a gasoline to an electric car. And it is easy to see why, as EnSite X acts as an ultra-accurate GPS system that helps physicians to locate and understand every catheter in a patient’s heart.

Piorkowski also talks about the importance of accessibility to such software systems. Remote connectivity, in his eyes, is essential to unlocking greater outcomes as it will enable physicians to use their preferred platforms and applications.

The discussion also takes a turn towards pulsed field ablation, something which Abbott has been working with for well over a decade and has been ramping up R&D investment in recently. Listen now to learn more.

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