How Multicultural Marketing Can Leverage Pharmaceutical Ad Messaging

Multicultural engagement is back! Or should be…

Historically, Pharma’s commitment to multicultural engagement has been inconsistent, partly due to the level of effort and cost to generate insights and create more diversified content. Now, the industry finds itself with more data than ever. The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning has made it easier for pharma companies to have access to an abundance of customer insights. With all these insights, it seems like the perfect time to build trust by leveraging these insights through multicultural engagement.

What’s in a Name

Dale Carnegie once said “Remember that a person’s name is to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” When people hear or see their name, receptors in the brain trigger unique functions and emotions. Beyond just knowing that they are being recognized, it represents a deeper level of connection to who they are as a person. By just saying a person's name, you're signaling that you value them in a meaningful way. Which begs the question, if saying a person's name can evoke this type of response, how valuable is it to acknowledge people in a more personal manner?

Why it Matters

Customer engagement in healthcare, whether you’re looking to connect with a healthcare provider, patient, or caregiver, is more challenging now than ever before. We, as health consumers, come in contact with more information than at any other time in history. Additionally, our expectations as consumers have risen. We want information that is relevant to us personally. Thus, the challenge is how to make your content relevant enough to earn the attention of your customer. Make it personal!

The Opportunity

Given advancements in content creation, it is possible to generate personalized content at scale. Content that engages at a personal level grabs people's attention, giving you the opportunity to build trust and convey important information. But don’t go halfway, make the commitment to multicultural marketing! We live in a diverse world, make your content work harder for you and show people how much you value them. Share your messages in languages and cultural tones that people identify with. Draw their eyes to your content with pictures of people, places, and other images to strengthen that personal bond. Finally, make it relevant, and deliver key insights that can make a difference in a person's life.

In the pharmaceutical industry, you develop new life-saving medicines and treatments that improve people's lives. Share your messages of hope with everyone through diverse, multicultural marketing!     

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