Is GoodRx in your 2024 HCP marketing plan? 5 reasons it should be.

Like other successful and innovative companies, GoodRx has adapted and evolved to stay relevant, viable, and true to its mission. Improving healthcare and patient outcomes requires that stakeholders communicate and collaborate, and GoodRx is one of the few places where providers, patients, and pharma can connect every single day.

Let’s get to the point: It’s time for pharma marketers and their media agencies to look beyond the ‘usual suspects’ for new ways and new media partners to reliably deliver educational and promotional messages to healthcare providers (HCPs) specifically when they are in an action mindset. Here are five reasons why GoodRx should be part of your, or your client’s, 2024 HCP marketing plan:

Reason 1: GoodRx has reached nearly a million HCPs


While GoodRx HCP media solutions are new, we’ve been quietly building a massive, high-quality HCP audience for over a decade by listening to their needs and responding with tailored solutions, like Provider Mode, to help them do their jobs more efficiently. Over 950,000 providers across a wide variety of specialties have trusted and used GoodRx for pricing, savings, and coverage information to help their patients start and stay on therapy.

In addition, millions of their patients use GoodRx. This makes the platform unique in bringing providers and patients together, putting them on the same page and amplifying a provider’s influence. That’s rare in healthcare, and we believe it likely improves communication and joint decision making along their health journey together.

Reason 2: Many HCPs turn to GoodRX when in an action mindset


HCPs use GoodRx as a tool in the workplace, not a journal for reading on the couch. When it comes to platforms used by HCPs to better understand prescription drug pricing information, GoodRx is second only to a provider’s electronic health record (EHR).1 And similar to an EHR, many HCPs use GoodRx as part of their daily workflow when treating patients and making prescribing decisions, and access GoodRx primarily during the day when seeing patients.

It is now more common that HCPs have ‘cost conversations’ with their patients when evaluating treatment options. GoodRx provides real-time benefit check (RTBC) and the pharmacy data they need in those moments to help make an informed prescribing decision and identify patient support, including savings programs. Providers understand that cost can be a barrier for patients to start and stay on therapy, and poor adherence has a direct impact on health outcomes.

Reason 3: By the numbers, GoodRx is one of the most trusted sources at the point of prescribing


According to global communications firm Edelman, “For a business… lasting trust is the strongest insurance against competitive disruption, the antidote to consumer indifference, and the best path to continued growth.”2 Particularly in our digital world, trust, like loyalty, is extremely difficult to build and very easy to lose. Collaborating with a trusted partner like GoodRx is a proven way for brands to boost their trust with customers, particularly with media placements contained within the GoodRx ecosystem.3

For those who think trust is a ‘soft’ metric, here are some hard numbers. A high net promoter score (NPS)4 and the fact that over 25 million patients used GoodRx for prescription savings in the last 12 months5 are ample proof that GoodRx is a highly trusted resource for HCPs and their patients when it comes to prescription pricing, savings, and coverage information. In addition, over 75% of monthly HCP visitors are return users,6 and in the brick-and-mortar world 400,000 provider offices trust GoodRx enough to distribute its materials to their patients. Finally, 93% of providers surveyed said GoodRx improved patient access, and 88% said it improved patient medication adherence.7

Reason 4: GoodRx gets you to the point where Rx decisions are made


Context matters. When providers browse travel websites, they are likely thinking about—you guessed it—travel. They’re not on a travel site to research oncology therapies. On the other hand, our data show that providers use GoodRx while at work, at the point of prescription decision making, while they are discussing treatment options with a patient or before and after a patient visit.

Compared to HCP media tactics that happen outside of a patient-care context, GoodRx keeps your brand in the consideration set until the Rx decision is made. Therefore, your brand messaging is not just contextually relevant, but situationally and temporally relevant as well.

Reason 5: GoodRx HCP media solutions are NEW


How can ‘new’ solutions already have an audience of nearly a million HCPs? Well, even though GoodRx was initially designed and built to deliver savings to consumers, we noticed that many providers were also using the platform and understood there was an enormous opportunity to create innovative products to serve their unique needs and capture their attention even better. That’s why we created Provider Mode in 2022 specifically for HCPs to help them find affordable solutions for the medications they prescribe.

And to deliver more value to this audience and create opportunities for pharma brands to be present at the point of prescribing, we recently launched our HCP media solutions. How are they different? Our HCP media solutions were purposefully developed to align with our audience’s ‘jobs-to-be-done’ and fit seamlessly into their workday as helpful prompts instead of interruptions to their workflow. Because our HCP media solutions are new, there is available inventory in many medical specialties and treatment categories with your brand’s name on it. However, once your competitors read this article, that may not last.

Is GoodRx in your 2024 HCP marketing plan?

Providers trust GoodRx, patients trust GoodRx, and we continue to build trust with pharma brand leaders and their agencies, one program at a time. Just as context matters, so do results. With GoodRx, pharmaceutical companies and their agencies can reliably reach a high-quality provider audience in an action mindset, break through the clutter with brand messaging, and achieve results with their marketing investments.

Click here to learn more about GoodRx HCP media solutions and give us a try in your 2024 HCP marketing plan. Be sure to ask about our new premium media solutions that help your brand reach a high-intent, high-quality audience to increase awareness and engagement and drive them to your existing brand assets.

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