Fueling Scientific Innovation to Address Important Global Public Health Challenges

The scientific community has made tremendous progress against viral diseases. Cutting-edge science has led to biomedical innovations once thought impossible, including antiviral treatments for people affected by some of the most formidable public health challenges – HIV, viral hepatitis and COVID-19.

Gilead helps address both unmet and evolving needs for people and communities across the full continuum of care. We accomplish this by developing bold advances that treat, prevent, and cure viral diseases. Equally important is our innovative approach to collaborating with community and research partners around the world to ensure those advances reach the people who are most in need.


Gilead is a leading virology company, with over 35 years of history in antiviral research and drug development and extensive expertise in HIV. We continue to prioritize and invest significantly in person-centered therapeutic options. We are committed to scientific innovation and the development of effective treatments that result in sustained viral suppression, helping people live longer, healthier lives.

In addition to HIV, for more than 20 years Gilead has sought to address some of the biggest challenges in liver disease, including the development of a cure that has transformed the lives of millions of people with hepatitis C. We also applied our decades-long expertise to respond rapidly to the COVID-19 pandemic, developing the first antiviral treatment for people impacted by the coronavirus disease.

Taken together, our work in virology has helped to transform the global health landscape, and we are committed to advancing person-centered science and actionable education programs that make a difference for people and communities affected by viral diseases.


Person-Centric Innovation in HIV

Gilead recognizes the need for innovative approaches to address the diverse needs of individuals and communities affected by HIV, and our dedication to transformational innovation extends beyond the laboratory. We believe in collaborating at the global, national and local levels to bridge gaps in HIV awareness and improve linkage to and retention in care.

Gilead is also committed to continued scientific innovation that can help provide medicines for the evolving needs of people affected by HIV worldwide. Our advances in medical research have helped transform HIV into a treatable chronic condition for millions of people and also one that can be prevented. While we have made huge progress, there is still much to do to fully meet the needs of people with HIV around the world.


Long-Term Success in HIV Treatment

Advances in HIV treatment have enabled individuals taking and staying on medication to lead longer and healthier lives. Nevertheless, HIV persists as a serious public health challenge. To end the HIV epidemic, it is essential to extend beyond a biomedical approach and to fully integrate social determinants of health into the collective response.

Long-term success involves meeting more than the United Nations’ (U.N.) goals of ending the epidemic by 2030. Treatment selection can help prioritize long-term outcomes from the very beginning.

Durable viral suppression is the primary goal of HIV care and treatment. A high bar has been set for the efficacy and safety profile for HIV treatment, and potency and durability are also important tools for sustaining viral suppression. There are several other key factors for people with HIV and their healthcare providers to consider when assessing treatment choices, such as the resistance profile of a treatment, drug-to-drug interaction potential, and comorbid conditions. Additionally, an evaluation of the clinical and real-world experience is a key tool in the treatment selection decision-making process. 

Addressing Health Equity in Next-Generation HIV Prevention Clinical Trials

Advancing the science associated with pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a fundamental component of Gilead’s efforts to help end the HIV epidemic, and Gilead remains committed to developing novel, person-centered PrEP medication options. Understanding the needs and preferences of people who could benefit from PrEP and giving people choices that fit into their lives – including long-acting options for HIV prevention – could help accelerate the decline in new HIV infections worldwide.

Guided by innovation in science and health equity, Gilead designed its Phase 3 PURPOSE trials in HIV prevention research in close collaboration with a diverse range of community advisors who represent populations that are disproportionately affected by HIV. These leaders provide valuable ongoing guidance and support for the trials, including community engagement and participant recruitment strategies, cultural considerations and appropriate language in outreach materials.

Advancing Global Health Through Scientific Innovation

Illuminating new pathways to treat, prevent and cure viral diseases is an incredibly complex scientific challenge, and Gilead is focused on applying our antiviral expertise and legacy to alter the understanding of what is possible.

Gilead is committed to advancing the next wave of innovation in virology and in developing therapeutic options that address the evolving needs of a broad range of individuals impacted by viral public health challenges.


About the Author:

As a physician with more than 25 years of experience in virology research, Frank Duff is leading Gilead’s virology clinical development team in addressing some of the world’s most challenging viruses. He’s dedicated to pioneering the next wave of innovation in virology from HIV, hepatitis, COVID-19 and more – while prioritizing meeting the needs of all people.

Global health issues are expected to increase in coming years, as countries and economies around the world become even more connected. Frank and his colleagues are focused on scientific discoveries to address future public health challenges. They continue to invest heavily in researching new therapeutic options with the potential to benefit a broad range of individuals.

Discover more about Gilead’s commitment to advancing antiviral research that promises innovation for future generations to help address viral outbreaks and pandemics.

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