Enoxaparin – New Reliable Supply from Trusted Source

Techdow USA Inc., a division of the Hepalink Group (Techdow USA), has announced its next finished drug product launch, Enoxaparin Sodium (Enoxaparin). This product is expected to launch in June of 2023. Techdow USA Inc. will offer the seven most popular presentations of pre-filled syringes. Techdow USA’s Enoxaparin is critically needed and will be primarily used in the outpatient setting to treat and prevent harmful blood clots.

The Hepalink Group is a global leader in naturally extracted active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and finished drugs that draw from an extremely diverse and robust network. The Hepalink supply chain draws raw materials from North America, Europe, and Asia. The Hepalink Group owns and operates North America’s largest producer of Heparin API, Scientific Protein Laboratories (SPL). This API business was created by Oscar Mayer back in the 1970s and has continually supplied Heparin API to the global market since their formation. SPL continues to be a global leader in naturally extracted API production.

Hepalink introduced Techdow USA to the U.S. market in 2022, after successful launches of Enoxaparin in multiple EU territories. With the hiring of industry veterans, Techdow USA successfully launched Heparin Sodium for Injection in 2022 in the U.S. market. Both products (Heparin Sodium & Enoxaparin) pull from Hepalink’s sophisticated vertically integrated supply chain that provides increased supply reliability, competitive pricing, and robust quality. The Hepalink Group is transitioning from its traditional role in the US Market as a major API supplier to include delivering high quality and reliable finished drug presentations.

Darren Alkins, CEO of Techdow USA Inc. commented: "Techdow USA's entry into to this market gives our customers, and ultimately patients, the reliability in supply they demand and deserve. As a long-term global supplier to this market, and trusted partner to the largest pharmaceutical companies, we have already been delivering high quality products for decades. We are delighted to provide our customers the opportunity to directly access the market’s largest global supply of our finished drug Heparin and Enoxaparin products."

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