The Connected TV Opportunity for Pharma Marketers: Expanding Reach Among Highly Qualified Audiences

By Eric Peacock, cofounder and CEO of MyHealthTeam

Finally, pharma marketers and agencies have a way to use TV to reach niche patient populations. It’s through Connected TV (CTV) where viewers watching the same streaming TV show can be presented with different ads targeted to their interests. But not all CTV is equally effective. To reach the right patient watching a show on Hulu, for example, you need to have the right first-party database that helps you predict which viewers are patients (and which are not).  Traditional TV, of course, casts too wide a net – with very limited capabilities to target by specific health conditions – so campaign efficiency is dismal. Programmatic digital buys are reliant on third-party data (and soon-to-be-gone third-party cookies), which dilutes audience quality, so campaign effectiveness suffers. 

First-Party Data Gives You the Unfair Advantage
The most successful pharma marketers are focused on engaging chronic condition patients when and where they are actively seeking information and talking about their health. They are prioritizing partnerships with companies that have built trusted relationships with these consumers and utilizing first-party data to ensure they are communicating the right message to the right person at the right time. They are also increasing the frequency with which they’re engaging targeted consumers – and expanding the overall reach of their campaigns among highly qualified audiences – by tapping into the Connected TV (CTV) opportunity.

Why Connected TV?

1.Audience Quality at Scale: CTV solutions that utilize audience targeting data from trusted partners with established consumer relationships – in a privacy-protecting manner – deliver an unprecedented combination of audience quality and audience reach.

2.TV Impact, Digital Metrics: Video continues to be a high-impact marketing medium, and CTV brings the ability to measure and optimize engagement, effectiveness and efficiency – in step with today’s data-driven digital norms.

3. Aligned with Consumer Behavior: As more people cut the cord and shift from linear TV to myriad on-demand options, it’s essential that pharma marketers meet them where they are – which means multi-channel campaigns that reach them in different contexts, on multiple screens.

4. Integrated with Your Online Advertising: Complement the contextually relevant advertising you are doing on patient social networks, like those created by MyHealthTeam, with targeted advertising on TV.  Reinforce the brand message in an appropriate way – creating a powerful omni-channel approach that maintains high-impact campaign performance.

What’s Next: Introducing MyHealthTeam Connected TV

Our latest new product offering for partners is now live: MyHealthTeam Connected TV, the only chronic condition network that utilizes first-party data to reach socially engaged diagnosed patients on the entertainment screen.

One of the core tenants at MyHealthTeam is that we see and serve the whole person – not just their disease. So we’re excited to extend the connections we facilitate between our members and our partners beyond the boundaries of our 43 condition-specific social networks. We know that people are interested in the information our partners provide not only when they’re active in our online communities – but also when they’re watching their favorite shows, movies, and creators.

And, of course, we’re pleased to help our partners eliminate the trade-off between audience quality and audience scale. Our CTV campaigns help partners maximize their TV and video investments with proven, efficient targeting that expands campaign reach. This high-impact opportunity is a natural extension of the qualified audience work we’ve been doing with partners for the past several years, and it reflects our continued commitment to innovating the ways in which we help them deliver targeted, relevant, actionable messaging to people diagnosed with the diseases their therapies treat.

As always, we’re keen to hear about what’s top-of-mind for pharma marketing and agency leaders and happy to discuss ways to connect effectively with today’s chronic condition patients – across channels. Please contact us at [email protected] to start a dialog.

Eric Peacock Cofounder and CEO of MyHealthTeams


Eric Peacock is cofounder and CEO of MyHealthTeam, creator of 40+ social networks for people diagnosed with a chronic health condition.