Buying top-quality excipients is now as easy as ordering pizza

Buying top-quality excipients is now as easy as ordering pizza

Guaranteeing the quality of your products is extremely important in our branch. The same applies to excipients. The rules associated with this ensure that they shouldn’t simply be bought from any online retailer. But that’s good, really. Still, in an age where you can order anything online, ordering excipients seems an unnecessarily cumbersome process. Especially when you consider aspects like ease and delivery times. In this article, we explain how it can be done differently. 

Quality products from a reliable producer

In the eStore of DFE Pharma, it is possible to order top-quality pharma grade excipients online. Because DFE Pharma is a certified producer and supplier, the products are always delivered with the right documentation. These could be documents about the use of GMOs, a GMP statement and MSDS documentation.

Another important fact is that DFE Pharma was established over 100 years ago and works with pharmaceutical companies around the world to offer the best solution for each specific medicine. This allows DFE Pharma to offer specialist knowledge to answer any questions.

As little as you want

The eStore doesn’t just focus on major pharmaceutical companies. It is also suitable for ordering smaller quantities. Ordering and delivery are possible for quantities as small as one bag (25 kg). Of course, it is also possible to order a quantity up to a pallet (20 bags or 9 drums).

Fast and above all careful delivery

Not only the quality of the product is important, the quality of the delivery is too. To ensure this, DFE Pharma employs a specialised and certified fulfilment partner that works in compliance with GMP/cGMP standards. And the delivery is fast: between 5 and 7 days after ordering, the order is on your ‘doorstep’. It is thus ideal for quickly replenishing any shortages.

Amazon-like webshop

Currently in the eStore of DFE Pharma, seven excipients can be ordered. All of the necessary product-specific characteristics can be found on the product pages, along with all other documentation. Feel free to have a look at estore.dfepharma.com!

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.