AstraZeneca’s commitment to lung cancer and improving patient outcomes

In this episode of The Top Line, Dr. Arun Krishna, AstraZeneca Vice President and Head of Lung Cancer Franchise at the company’s U.S. Oncology Business Unit, offers his insight on the latest state of lung cancer.

With more than 15 years of experience working in the field of oncology and across different countries and markets, Arun has been a well-placed observer of how to help improve optimal outcome for patients.

AstraZeneca’s commitment to lung cancer patients goes beyond therapies to include the importance of early screening and detection. AstraZeneca aims to assist “holistically end-to-end across the entire patient journey,” Arun tells us.

Arun goes on to discuss the work of AstraZeneca’s Lung Ambition Alliance (LAA). The initiative brings together multiple stakeholders and partners to ensure that patients are screened and diagnosed earlier. It is a journey that AstraZeneca has been on for five years, and Arun tells us he looks forward to its continuation. 

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