Antares Pharma develops novel auto-injector devices for innovative combination products

With over 30 years of experience in drug device engineering, Antares Pharma has nurtured its R&D prowess and specialized in creating custom designed drug delivery devices that are tailored to the patient and therapeutic need. Antares Pharma forges new partnerships through collaboration, innovation and flexibility to leverage our comprehensive medical device and drug development expertise. We seek to form durable relationships with pharmaceutical leaders in order to enhance the lives of patients and create value for all stakeholders. 

We apply a tailored approach to engineering auto injectors and multi dose pens allowing patients to self-administer therapies. Our success in developing and commercializing proprietary and partnered products has been validated by the consecutive FDA approvals of seven drug-device combination products, including our proprietary product, XYOSTED® and our partners generic EpiPen® product. With the ability to supply clinical and commercial finished product in tandem with clinical, regulatory and formulation development expertise, Antares Pharma represents the preferred drug-device combination products partner.

Every day, Antares Pharma embarks on a mission to change the standard of care for patients, particularly in a time of crisis. The recent introduction of the VaiTM auto-injector complements the proven portfolio of Antares’ self-administered devices.  The company is developing a liquid stable formulation of hydrocortisone for the treatment of adrenal crisis utilizing the VaiTM auto-injector platform. This investigational product is in Phase 1 currently and we expect to soon embark on its pivotal clinical study as well.   Designed for reliability and to meet the FDA’s emergency use requirements, the VaiTM auto-injector is versatile and easily configurable for a variety of doses and injection depths ranging from subcutaneous to deep one-inch intramuscular injections with an auto insert feature.  Its thoughtful engineering allows the VaiTM to accommodate 1mL long, 1mL short and 2.25mL pre-filled syringes.  The simple and intuitive two-step injection process makes the VaiTM auto-injector the perfect candidate for both emergency and non-emergency use applications.

Antares Pharma develops, manufactures and commercializes, for ourselves and for our partners, novel therapeutic products using our advanced drug delivery systems that are designed to provide commercial and functional advantages such as improved safety and efficacy, reduced side effects, convenience and enhanced patient comfort and adherence.

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