Using AI to Become Pharma's Next Superhero

“AI is becoming part of the pharma fabric, and it really is set to disrupt the industry.”

Nina Binetti is undoubtedly bullish about the potential opportunities and applications of AI in pharma. And she’s well placed to comment.

Binetti is the Vice President of Product and Life Science Marketing at – a disruptive organization partnering with pharma colleagues to accelerate detection, diagnosis and time to therapy by optimizing workflow and care pathways in over 1,400 hospitals across the US.

In this podcast, she sits down with Mike Myers of CrowdPharm and Isabela Fernandes of Remedy Product Studio to explore how AI is becoming a key tool among pharma industry players.

Discussions include the different ways in which AI is being employed in pharma, from reorganizing team structures and collaborating across functions to diagnoses and implementing AI for medical, legal and regulatory reviews.

However, there’s also focus on the risks and barriers, leading to advocacy for proactive experimentation and the reduction of red tape to ensure AI is embraced ethically and effectively.

“AI truly has the ability to change the way that we work, speed up the way that we work, and ultimately, which is what we're all in it for in the first place, to improve patient care,” Binetti states.

Listen to the full podcast for a stream of comprehensive insights.


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