A unique solution to an age-old problem: how to transport products at <-60C trouble-free?

For many years transporting high-value pharmaceutical products at <-60 degrees C for greater than 96 hours has seemed an insurmountable challenge for pharma and life science, but TOWER’s deep-frozen solution has solved the problem

In today’s high-demand global pharma industry, where vaccines, APIs, clinical-trial products, diagnostic testing kits and other medical devices are required to reach their destination frozen and not damaged, dry-ice has always been seen as the answer, but drawbacks have been long understood, in part due to the need to top up the sublimating dry-ice, which can lead to product damage as a result of temperature differentiation within the container

TOWER’s KT400D-60 is the market-leading container that enables product to be shipped between -80C and -60C for over 120 hours

The solution combines a robust outer shell with a uniquely customized pack-out system, and benefits from a built-in data-logger. The KT400D-60 can be pre-conditioned for immediate use, allowing a simple load-lock-go in under 60 seconds, or sourced without dry-ice to allow customer self-management to maximize compliance time

The KT400D-60 is 100% reusable and with its robust primary packaging is capable of withstanding both extreme temperatures and the rigors of the global supply chain

Niall Balfour, TOWER’s CEO, commented “This unique deep-frozen solution has allowed many innovative pharma products to be transported safely at sub -60 temperatures whilst maintaining both temperature compliance and product integrity regardless of where in the world they are needed to be delivered”, which is probably why it is already being used and trusted by many of the world’s leading Pharma and 3PL providers to provide <-60˚C deep-frozen transport for their valuable and highly sensitive products

The KT400D-60 initiative was developed by the TOWER R&D team to resolve an issue for a leading global biotechnology company which needed a cold-chain solution to meet the particular temperature compliance needs of a biological oncology product. The packaging had to maintain the product temperature between -80°C and -60°C for 120 hours against an ambient temperature of +30°C. The supply chain was highly complex with the client requiring the expertise of several CMOs across different continents with the assurance of control of their supply chain from API to finished product

Since then the KT400D-60 has gained favour with many leading pharma companies which are now using the product routinely to ship a wide range of temperature-sensitive products which include vaccines, API, clinical-trial products, diagnostic kits and specimen samples, cell lines, bacteria and other medical devices

This has also led to the R&D team creating various other specialist internal pack-out solutions for primary packaging products such as Sartorius Celsius® FFT shell system, RoSS® containers, Mylar bags, HDPE bottles, Nalgene bottles, Celsius FFT shell systems and various drum sizes, to name but a few


  • The KT400D-60 can be pre-conditioned and pre-configured ready for shipment
  • Under 60 seconds product load time creates minimal operator exposure to dry-ice and no stress to product during loading
  • 120+ hours consistent -80°C to -60°C air temperature is created throughout the load space to maximise payload integrity
  • Payload space is consistent, and the product is suspended during transit reducing risk of breakages
  • Fully reusable container and recyclable internal structure

If you would like to know how TOWER’s internal packaging solution could fit your primary packaging, or would like to know about the various ways we support and service our clients, please contact our North American office at e: [email protected] t: +1 609 325 9769

Or for more information go to: https://towercoldchain.com/kt400d-60/ where you can download the full product brochure and data sheet and contact TOWER’s global sales team.



This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.