Bristol-Myers Squibb
Projected 2018 sales:
$2.005 billion
2012 sales: $706 million

Yervoy hasn't been around long, but it's made a big impact since its approval in 2011, especially for the ailing Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY). With first-quarter results this April revealing a 27% decline in sales--generated by generic competition for blockbuster heart drugs Avapro and Plavix--Yervoy was a bright spot for the company, posting growth of near 50%.

If Yervoy continues on that trajectory, it could surpass the billion-dollar blockbuster mark this year. Bristol-Myers is doing its best to help those numbers along, testing Yervoy paired with therapies from its Big Pharma counterparts. While a Phase I trial testing Yervoy and Roche's ($RHBBY) Zelboraf in melanoma sufferers was stopped in April on account of signs of developing liver toxicity in patients, the drug showed some promise when paired with a white cell booster from Sanofi ($SNY). That tandem kept more than two-thirds of melanoma patients alive after a year of treatment, compared with just half of those who took only Yervoy.

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