Xenoport - Best Pharma Stocks of 2007

Company: Xenoport
Starting stock price: $24.38
Ending stock price: $55.88
Percent Change: 129%

Details: Xenoport is developing therapies for central nervous system disorders. It has four clinical stage product candidates: SP13412 for RLS and neuropathic pain; XP19986 for GERD and spasticity; XP21279 for Parkinson's; and XP20925 for migraine and nausea. In addition to reporting strong late-stage results for XP13512 in 2007, the company also inked a $630 million deal with GlaxoSmithKline for rights to the drug.

More News:
Xenoport rallies on positive RLS data. Report
XenoPort inks $630M licensing deal for nerve drug. Report
XenoPort touts IIb data for new RLS therapy. Report

Xenoport - Best Pharma Stocks of 2007

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