Drug name: Xarelto
Companies: Johnson & Johnson and Bayer
Use: Anticoagulant
Amount spent on doctor payments: $6.93 million

Bayer and Johnson & Johnson's ($JNJ) Xarelto, second to join the next-gen anticoagulant fight, quickly began to grab market share from trailblazer Pradaxa after it hit the market. Among the two drugs and competitor Eliquis, companies have spent $20 million on speaking programs to educate doctors who may be wary of the warfarin replacements about their risks and benefits. The new-generation treatments don't require warfarin's constant dosage-monitoring or dietary restrictions but lack quick, FDA-approved antidotes. As a result, some doctors have been wary to prescribe them. Since its launch, Xarelto has won new indications, allowing J&J to expand its patient base through further doctor education. Thanks to the marketing push, Xarelto sales grew 76% from $864 million in 2013 to $1.5 billion in 2014. Johnson & Johnson and Bayer spent $6.93 million in 2014 on Xarelto doctor payments. -- Eric Sagonowsky (email)

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