Wyeth's Bob Essner - CEO pay

Bob Essner - Wyeth Bob Essner, former Wyeth CEO

Total Compensation: $24.1M

2007 Revenue: $22.4B
2006 Revenue: $20.35B
Change: 10%

Details: Bob Essner's (pictured) 2007 compensation fell to $24.1 million from more than $32 million in 2006, which included $1.7 million in base pay, $10.1 million in stock awards, $4.7 million in options and a $3.2 million bonus. Essner also spent $15,000 on personal use of a company car and driver and $95,000 on air travel. Wyeth's new CEO Bernard Poussot (photo), saw his package decline to $12.7 million from $14.4 million. Poussot took over for outgoing CEO Essner January 1, 2008.

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Wyeth's Bob Essner - CEO pay