William Weldon - Johnson & Johnson

William Weldon - Johnson & Johnson
Total Compensation: $26.7 million

Details: Weldon's swan song as head of J&J was more than a little rocky. Manufacturing issues plagued the company, leading to a string of recalls and the temporary shuttering of a major OTC-producing plant in Pennsylvania. Then came the Risperdal verdicts, which could end up costing the company billions as more and more and states look for their day in court. Fanning the flames was stockholder unrest, with a shareholder suit questioning whether he has deserved his continuous pay increases.

So, J&J gave him another one. In 2011, Weldon got 55% increase on his bonus, bringing his gross to $26.7 million, although that's down from 2010's $28.7 million, due to a $2 million decrease in pension value. While Alex Gorsky has taken the reins as J&J's CEO, Weldon still serves as chairman, and when he retires, he'll have $143 million with his name on it, paid out monthly once he steps down.

William Weldon - Johnson & Johnson

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