Website for Consumer: 'Put Chemo to the Test'

Exact Sciences and W2O Group's "Put Chemo to the Test" campaign raises awareness of genetic testing for those newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Winning campaign: "Put Chemo to the Test"
Client: Exact Sciences
Agency: W2O Group

One in eight women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer in her lifetime, but newly diagnosed patients can feel overwhelmed, confused and fearful as they weigh treatment options.

While those options are getting more and more plentiful, one of them—chemotherapy—isn’t always considered, even though some women could derive considerable benefit from the treatment.

Exact Sciences’ Oncotype DX diagnostic test can identify an important minority of women who can benefit from chemotherapy, as well as the majority of patients who may be spared chemotherapy and its well-known side effects. However, only 60% of eligible U.S. patients receive its genomic test before deciding on their treatment plan.

The company joined forces with W2O Group to develop the "Put Chemo to the Test" campaign to raise awareness of the test and inspire patients recently diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer to ask their doctors about it. It involved a digital effort built around seven breast cancer ambassadors—credible, strong women who had used the test and could attest to its value.

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The campaign drew on videos and photos in black and white to provide a minimalist but glamorous and stylish look, Boris Undorf, W2O director of content production, said. That stark look also played to the precision of the test, with no "shades of grey" in interpreting the results.

“Visually, we wanted to depict that the test was very exact. It was all about precision—black or white,” he said.

The campaign, centered on the landing page and a redesigned, drew on the results from TAILORx, which Exact Sciences said is the largest randomized adjuvant breast cancer trial ever conducted.

Viola Ng, Exact Sciences’ senior director, patient marketing and global digital solutions, pointed out that the test can identify the 70% of women who will not benefit from chemotherapy, as well as those for whom chemotherapy may be life-saving. The upshot of that is improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs, according to Ng.

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“Our inspirational patient ambassadors tell their Oncotype DX stories to the audience…to educate patients to ask their doctors to order the Oncotype DX test before finalizing their treatment plan,” she said.

The result of the push? Increased sales, with orders 4.5% higher overall during the first three months of the campaign, which focused on territories where uptake of the test was lower. It generated 39 million website impressions, 747,000 clicks and more than 29,000 actions taken by visitors after exposure to the campaign.

“Our mission at Exact Sciences is to help cancer patients face their most challenging decision with confidence, while providing life-changing answers through our diagnostic tests,” Ng said, adding that so far, more than a million women around the world have used Oncotype DX to help with treatment decisions.

Website for Consumer: 'Put Chemo to the Test'