UPM Pharmaceuticals - Top 10 Standout CMOs

UPM Pharmaceuticals

Baltimore-based UPM specializes in formulation development among its service offerings. Other services include GMP manufacturing, tableting and capsule filling, stability test, scale-up and tech transfer and analytical services. The company is DEA-licensed for scheduled substances.

UPM announced late last month that it was readying to undertake a 50% expansion in production space.

President James Greg said in a September statement that the expansion answers increased customer requests for "production of compounds with more stringent environmental safety requirements." The addition will include one suite for handling of manufacturing processes associated with Occupational Exposure Band level 4 compounds and another suite for production of low-humidity compounds. Xcelodose-based API direct-fill-in-a-capsule services will also be available.

Its Q3 CP score from Nice is 77, tied with Ben Venue, but UPM's CA rating of 52% nudges it just beyond Ben Venue, with 43%.

UPM Pharmaceuticals - Top 10 Standout CMOs