7. Enbrel

Closeup view of hand holding a prefilled syringe of Amgen drug Enbrel
Amgen's success in patent court will likely keep any Enbrel biosimilar off U.S. shelves until 2029. (Amgen)

Company: Amgen
2019 sales: $7.2 billion
Projected 2026 sales: $4.02 billion
Projected CAGR: -8% 
Used for: rheumatoid arthritis, plaque psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and juvenile idiopathic arthritis 

Amgen had a major cloud over its head with blockbuster stalwart Enbrel because of a patent dispute with Novartis over a biosimilar version of the drug. A recent ruling in favor of Amgen could take that cap off Enbrel's future chances and spell hope for long-term sales. 

Enbrel brought in $7.2 billion in sales in 2019, well on top of as Amgen's bestselling drug. Due perhaps to the uncertainty around Novartis' biosim, Evaluate Pharma put Enbrel's sales forecast at just $4.02 billion in 2026.

However, that forecast predates the patent ruling, and with biosimilars now likely off the table until 2029, it could be an undershot—provided Enbrel can continue to innovate in finding patients. 

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7. Enbrel