Teva Pharmaceutical - best Pharma Stocks of 2007

Company: Teva Pharmaceutical
Starting stock price: $31.26
Ending stock price: $46.48
Percent Change: 48.69%

Details: Generic drug powerhouse Teva Pharmaceuticals had a great year in 2007. The company received FDA approval for 28 new products, including generic versions of Aricept, Requip, Actonel, Coreg, and Protonix. Teva's revenue rose 12 percent year over 2006, which was another blockbuster year for the drugmaker. And with more blockbuster drugs on their way to generics land, things can only get better for Teva.

More News:
Teva snaps up CoGenesys in $400M buyout. Report
Teva earmarks $1B for India. Report
Earnings from Schering, Sanofi, Teva. Report
Analysts get bullish on generics makers. Report

Teva Pharmaceutical - best Pharma Stocks of 2007

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