Television: 'Juvederm It'

DDB Juvederm It for Allergan
The "Juvéderm It" campaign refreshed everything from the brand's logo to its color palette to its attitude. (Getty Images)

Category: Television
Winning campaign: “Juvéderm It”
Client: Allergan
Agency: DDB New York

An energetic and attitude-forward Big Freedia and Lizzo song set the tone for DDB’s pitch to Allergan for its aesthetic filler brand Juvéderm. The bold music underlined the agency's strategy for the work and helped make it a judging favorite; the resulting campaign, “Juvéderm It,” easily took top honors in the TV ad category.

The song, featuring current chart-topping artist and feminine power lyricist Lizzo, fit well as the anthem for Juvéderm's brand transformation from passive to active.

Gone is the brand's old tagline, “Everyone will notice but no one will know,” which implied women wanted to hide the fact that they'd had cosmetic work done. Enter the spirit of an enabled selfie culture that embraces attitude—own it, crush it, boss it and put your best self out there, as Maria Tender, the director of strategic planning at DDB New York, said.

Another key part of the plan was to make the word Juvéderm into a verb. Want to fill lines and wrinkles? Juvéderm it. Hence the name of the campaign.

The strategic underpinning for the campaign revolved around the idea that “beauty is no longer something to chase but something you could choose,” said Cheryl Horsfall, DDB’s executive creative director.

DDB did research with current Juvéderm users from Generation X and with its more up-and-coming users, millennials. The team looked at iconic, classic premium lifestyle brands like Burberry, Chanel and Tiffany’s that had already shifted in a more contemporary direction. In the end, the campaign refreshed everything from the logo to the color palette to the new attitude.

The resulting TV ads are “pure feeling,” Horsfall said. And while the diverse group of models are beautiful, the commercial focuses on attitude over pretty. They sport some fabulous styles, too.

“I’ve had other creative directors come up to me and say ‘Wow, that is really bold and dramatic, I wish I could do that,” Horsfall said, while Tender added, “It’s brave, too, for a pharmaceutical brand.”

The campaign was a hit inside Allergan, so much so that the company expanded it globally. DDB onboarded the U.K. agency and introduced that team to the same video director so they could replicate the look and feel with their own models and locations.

External results have also been positive. In its first three months, use of the campaign’s online “Find a Doctor” tool surged by 243%, while unique visits went up 174%. In November, six months after launch, postlaunch testing found that Juvéderm awareness hit an all-time high of 85% and unaided awareness had increased by 9%.

Television: 'Juvederm It'

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