Social Media for Consumer: 'Off to a Good Start'

TrendyMinds and Eli Lilly's animation Facebook campaign stressed the importance of adherence for people with Type 2 diabetes. (TrendyMinds)

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Winning campaign: Off to A Good Start
Client: Eli Lilly 
Agency: TrendyMinds

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about a video animation? Much more, according to the results of a campaign by TrendyMinds and Eli Lilly to help people with Type 2 diabetes understand why it's important to comply with treatment.

The "Off to a Good Start" campaign centered on a series of sequenced animations that ran on Facebook and covered a range of topics, such as the importance of balancing blood sugar, understanding the impacts on other parts of the body, and disease progression over time.

The overarching aim is “breaking down the science behind the disease into a sixth-grade level," TrendyMinds’ President and CEO Trevor Yager said, so that everyone from caregivers to friends and family can easily understand.

As a teenager, Yager had first-hand experience requiring medical care—open heart surgery, in his case—and not fully understanding his illness or the procedures he needed. 

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“It’s at our core to take complex healthcare information and make it so that it is digestible for anybody,” he said.

With greater understanding, people with Type 2 diabetes can have more self-confidence that leads to "more meaningful dialogue with their healthcare providers at critical touch points in their personal journeys,” according to the agency.

That's particularly important, as medication adherence is a major problem among people with Type 2 diabetes in the U.S.

One of the big drivers for that non-adherence is inattention, according to Lilly. Using animations to anchor a storyline supported by infographics and printed materials—in Spanish first, and then English—helped to tackle the problem by making the messages immersive and engaging, as well as directed at the right audience.

“Every experience you want to watch—whether it's Netflix, TikTok, Facebook or whatever—it’s all about entertainment value and what is keeping an interest,” Yager said.

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"Off to a Good Start" reached more than 35 million Facebook users and racked up more than 350 million impressions and 93 million video views. Even more notable was that video watch time was twice the average on Facebook.

The Spanish-speaking audience engaged with the content for twice as long as the English-speaking audience, which may reflect the high prevalence of diabetes and strong use of social media among Latino populations.

“For us that was a great moment. We felt like we were really breaking through to help people,” Yager said.

Social Media for Consumer: 'Off to a Good Start'