7. Rinvoq

Rinvoq is part of AbbVie's next-generation blockbuster immunology duo, but now faces a longer-than-expected FDA wait on two new indications.

Brand: Rinvoq
Company: AbbVie
What is it: next-gen rheumatoid arthritis med
2020 spend: $175.5 million

Rinvoq is AbbVie’s third drug to land in the pharma ad spenders top 10 for 2020, landing on the list in just its first year of DTC advertising. The new rheumatoid arthritis pill began with the launch of a multimedia campaign in March that aimed to distinguish it in the competitive field.

TV commercials feature active RA patients including an outdoor photographer, a mechanic and a home renovator with the message to “Make it your mission” to fight the debilitating disease.

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Rinvoq’s debut campaign is grounded in research and feedback from people living with RA, AbbVie said when the work debuted.

The Illinois pharma is counting on Rinvoq, along with Skyrizi, to help mitigate the loss of exclusivity for best-seller Humira as U.S. biosimilars ready for market. Industry watchers point to an "AbbVie halo" that's already helped to make Rinvoq popular among rheumatologists.

Rinvoq sales totaled $731 million in 2020, and while not quite yet a blockbuster, AbbVie has high ambitions for the med. It raised combined sales guidance for Skyrizi and Rinvoq from $10 billion to more than $15 billion for 2025, according to AbbVie's 2020 annual report.

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AbbVie is also searching for new indications for the JAK inhibitor with trials in ulcerative colitis underway and two other indications under review at the FDA. It submitted an application to the FDA for psoriatic arthritis in June, followed by another for atopic dermatitis in October.

While more indications likely more promotions, Rinvoq may have to wait longer than expected. The FDA  recently requested more information from AbbVie on both indications and extended the PDUFA dates—to late Q2 for psoriatic arthritis and to Q3 for the atopic dermatitis decision.

7. Rinvoq