Rigel Pharmaceuticals - Best Pharma Stocks of 2007

Company: Rigel Pharmaceuticals
Starting stock price: $11.89
Ending stock price: $25.39
Percent Change: 113.54%

Details: Rigel has a number of drug candidates in its pipeline. R788 is in Phase II trials for rheumatoid arthritis, ITP and B-cell lymphoma. It's also partnering with Merck Serono on the Phase II compound R763 for solid tumors and leukemia. Additionally, Rigel and Pfizer are developing R343 for asthma.

More News:
Merck Serono exercises option to Rigel's R763. Report
Serono seals oncology drug pact with Rigel. Report

Rigel Pharmaceuticals - Best Pharma Stocks of 2007

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