Richard Clark - 2010 CEO Pay

Richard Clark - Merck

Richard Clark, Merck CEO

Total Compensation: $24.6 million

Details: In his last year as CEO, Richard Clark saw his paycheck increase significantly to $24.6 million from 2009's dip to $15.8 million. The new high surpassed Clark's previous top annual salary of $22.3 million from 2008. After a year with slumps in his stock and options awards and pension value, everything bounced back to near 2008 levels. Stock awards in particular more than doubled, from 2009's $3.3 million to $7 million. 

The 65 percent pay raise was thanks in part to the Merck-Schering Plough $42 billion merger, which increased the size of the company. And Clark wasn't the only executive to reap the benefits of a heftier paycheck; new CEO Ken Frazier's (photo) compensation rose 88 percent--from $5 million to $9.4 million.

Merck News:
Analysts reassess Merck-Schering merger
Merck chief's pay rose more than 50% to $24.6M
It's official: Merck makes Frazier president, heir apparent

Richard Clark - 2010 CEO Pay

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