Print For Consumer: 'Know Narcolepsy' activity journal

Harmony Biosciences teamed up with agency MicroMass to create the "Know Narcolepsy" activity journal to help people with the disorder. (MicroMass Communications)

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Winning campaign: "Know Narcolepsy" activity journal
Client: Harmony Biosciences
Agency: MicroMass Communications

The chronic sleep disorder narcolepsy is often the butt of unkind jokes in the media, but the 200,000 Americans living with narcolepsy know the condition is far from funny.

Harmony Biosciences, which makes narcolepsy med Wakix, teamed up with agency MicroMass Communications to create the "Know Narcolepsy" journal to help educate, inform and drive awareness of the seriousness of the disorder.

People living with narcolepsy do not always recognize its emotional, physical and psychosocial impact, according to Harmony and MicroMass.

The activity journal and campaign provide tools and resources for people living with narcolepsy, members of their support network and healthcare providers who treat the disorder, Michele Kemp, senior director, patient marketing at Harmony Biosciences, said.

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“We wanted to let people know that, despite the impact day to day, they can educate themselves, using tools and different resources, to learn how to manage symptoms and lead productive lives,” she said.

The journal includes writing and drawing activities designed to help people living with narcolepsy build skills for communicating with friends and family members as well as develop a deeper understanding of their condition.

It includes quotes and pictures of real people living with narcolepsy to validate readers’ experiences; stress reduction techniques; and other features, such as a “wellness wheel,” which can be used to find out which areas of their lives need more attention.

Kathy Moriarty, MicroMass’ lead behaviorist, said the journal has “struck a positive chord” among people who are living with narcolepsy, and many have posted on social media about how they have used it, and how it has helped them manage symptoms.

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“Everything we do is aimed at meeting patients’ needs, though both the practical and strategic use of behavioral science,” Moriarty said.

One journal user summed up the impact using it can have.

"I received the Narcolepsy Journal and finally I have more organized feelings and thoughts. When I’m at my worst and I don’t want to get up for my appointments anymore and I’m tired of the medication ... I am better able to find my center again and pull it together," the person said.

Print For Consumer: 'Know Narcolepsy' activity journal