2. Pfizer

Pfizer building
Pfizer is hoping to lean on its lucrative biopharma portfolio after its planned Upjohn spinoff. (Tracy Staton)

Estimated 2026 sales:
$56.1 billion
2019 sales: $46.1 billion
2019-26 CAGR: 2.83%

Pfizer's grand plan to spin off its lagging Upjohn generics business into a merger with Mylan has run into a roadblock: COVID-19 derails even the best-laid plans. If the spinoff goes through, it would leave a reimagined—and faster-growing—Pfizer behind, but keeping the band together could still drive modest growth in the coming years. 

Pfizer as currently constructed could see 2.83% annual growth through 2026 to reach $56.1 billion in revenue, a more than $5 billion jump from the drugmaker's 2019 total, according to Evaluate's forecast. 

To get there, Pfizer would certainly need to lean on its lucrative biopharma brands, which turned in impressive 12% growth in the first quarter at just over $10 billion in revenue. Meanwhile, Upjohn turned in a dud once again with a horrific 37% drop in sales to just over $2 billion on the quarter. 

With those numbers in mind, it's no wonder Pfizer is willing to take the chance on dumping Upjohn and striking out with its branded drug portfolio and equally pitiful—but tiny—consumer health business in tow. 

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2. Pfizer