Novartis ($NVS) - Big Pharma's Q3 2010 Earnings Report

FiercePharma says: Thanks to its Alcon acquisition, Novartis posted a 10 percent increase in profits and 13 percent jump in sales, making its numbers some of the most robust in the pharma sector this quarter. Net profit last year during the third quarter was $2.11 billion, compared to $2.32 billion this year. Its generic and new products--namely a generic for Sanofi's Lovenox and Diovan--boosted sales, representing 20 percent of its overall sales.


  • Net sales up 13% (+16% in constant currencies, or cc) to USD 12.6 billion; nine months net sales up 16% (+15% cc)
  • Operating income fell 2% (+3% cc) to USD 2.6 billion including impairment and acquisition charges of USD 794 million; nine months operating income up 23% (23% cc)
  • Core operating income up 25% (+29% cc) to USD 3.7 billion; Core operating income margin 29.4% of net sales; nine months core operating income up 32% (+31 % cc)
  • Core EPS improves 16% (+19% cc) to USD 1.36; nine months core EPS up 23% (+22% cc); third quarter EPS up 6% (+12% cc) to USD 0.99; nine months EPS +24% (+22% cc)
  • Free cash flow before dividends of USD 2.9 billion, nine months free cash flow USD 8.2 billion
  • New product and pipeline momentum strengthens growth prospects

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Novartis ($NVS) - Big Pharma's Q3 2010 Earnings Report

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