Novartis and Zhejiang Tianyuan - Top 5 Emerging Markets Deals

Who: Novartis
Zhejiang Tianyuan
Where: China

Deal Size: $125 million

Details: In November 2009 Novartis forked over $125 million for 85 percent of Chinese vaccines maker Zhejiang Tianyuan. But that investment is just the tip of the iceberg. Novartis' then-CEO Daniel Vasella announced his intentions to make China the company's third largest market with a $1.25 billion investment in the country. (Vasella has since been replaced by Joe Jiminez).

Tianyuan is a privately-owned vaccine company with a range of marketed and experimental products focused on preventable viral and bacterial diseases. The vaccinemaker has seen its sales grow sharply since 2006 to $25 million in 2008. Novartis said it would invest in expanding Tianyuan's vaccine pipeline, manufacturing technologies and commercial networks.

Novartis and Zhejiang Tianyuan - Top 5 Emerging Markets Deals

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