New Brand Launch: 'Life Unfolds'

Dermira Life Unfolds campaign for Qbrexza
Dermira launched Qbrexza hyperhidrosis treatment last year with its "Life Unfolds" DTC campaign. (FCB Health)

Category: New Brand Launch
Winning campaign: “Life Unfolds”
Client: Dermira
Agency: FCB Health New York

The brand launch category identifies the best strategies and most creative marketing for new products launched in the last year. This year Dermira and FCB Health New York nabbed the award for “Life Unfolds," introducing Qbrexza to treat axillary hyperhidrosis or excessive underarm sweating.

Qbrexza is the first and only prescription cloth towelette approved to treat excessive underarm sweating. The campaign features real patients sharing before-and-after episodes.

The key challenge Dermira faced was that people with hyperhidrosis often aren’t even aware it's a medical condition or that treatment is available, Ryan Patterson, vice president of sales at Dermira, said.

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“The team really felt compelled to do something about that,” he said. “You hear about bullying that patients experienced when they were younger, or that they were holding themselves back at work or making career choices because of this condition, or not going on a date because they were embarrassed. We wanted to make them aware that there is something out there that can help.”

An estimated 10 million Americans suffer from excessive underarm sweating, but many of them cling to “hacks” and ineffective over-the-counter treatments to try to manage the condition. Dermira and FCB Health decided to focus on millennials aged 18 to 34—people in the prime of their lives who are often still finding their way in their careers and personal relationships.

“We wanted to show scenarios that they had told us about in market research and that they could identify with—like collaborating at work or preparing for a first date—and represent them with honesty and empathy,” Michael Dickerson, consumer marketing at Dermira, said.

The company said it found that people living with underarm hyperhidrosis needed to have a “Wow, that’s me!” moment, followed by an understanding that there is a way to get back to living their lives without worrying about the condition.

The campaign identified Qbrexza as the solution that would let a more positive life “unfold” in these moments, with the product effectively wiping away embarrassment and giving them a future where they can be more engaged with family, friends and co-workers.

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Dermira is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Eli Lilly, acquired after Qbrexza's launch.

A key objective of the campaign was to activate hyperhidrosis sufferers to take action and talk to their doctors, and its impact was clear, Tanya Bhavnani, senior director of marketing at Dermira, said.

“What we saw from our launch was…an increase of 50% in diagnoses of hyperhidrosis,” she said, adding that according to Lilly data, millions have become aware of Qbrexza and thousands have started treatment since launch.

New Brand Launch: 'Life Unfolds'