Mylan's Robert Coury - CEO Pay

Mylan CEO Robert CouryRobert Coury - Mylan

Total Compensation: $12.5M

Details: Coury didn't make out as well as some of his colleagues at Mylan who received 70 to 113 percent raises, but he was awarded a 20 percent increase over his 2007 pay. The Chief received $1,500,000 in base salary and $3,750,000 in incentives--over 80 percent more than 2007's bonus. Coury's stock and options more than doubled to $5,230,000. The little perks stuffed into "other compensation" also jumped in 2008. In fact, those charges also doubled to $464,037, which included $26,787 for his company car, and $348,988 for personal use of the company airplane.

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Mylan's Robert Coury - CEO Pay