Mylan/Agila Specialties

9. Buyer: Mylan
Target: Agila Specialties
Price: $2 billion

Sterile injectable drugs have become a big part of the drug industry landscape, but they can be difficult to manufacture, and when production problems arise, so do shortages. That means big opportunities for those companies that have the capability and capacity to respond. With its buyout of Agila Specialties from India's Strides Arcolab, Mylan picked up massive capacity in one fell swoop.

Mylan came into the deal with a sterile manufacturing plant in Ireland and one in India. From the Agila deal, it got 9 more manufacturing facilities, including plants in Brazil and Poland. Eight of the 9 plants are FDA-approved. It now has one of the largest sterile capacities in India and one of the largest freeze-drying capacities in the world.

The company has regained full commercialization rights for most of Agila's U.S. portfolio, both products already on the market as well as in the pipeline, and is taking back rights to many of its products in Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan and South Korea. With the deal, Mylan now has 1,200 approved injectable products globally and more than 900 pending approvals worldwide.

But that is just the beginning. CEO Heather Bresch plans to profit from "the many untapped opportunities we see ahead." To do that, the company intends to roll out more than 800 injectable products over the next 5 years, 150 of those in the U.S.

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Mylan/Agila Specialties

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