7. IDEXX Laboratories – Top 10 animal health companies

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Idexx logoIDEXX Laboratories
2015 Revenue: $1.49 billion*
HQ: Westbrook, ME

Animal diagnostics makes its debut on this year’s list of top animal health companies with IDEXX Laboratories, a company that’s enjoying strong demand for a suite of products designed to help veterinarians rapidly diagnose health conditions. Among IDEXX’s most popular products is Catalyst One, a machine that can screen samples from dogs and cats for up to 30 diseases in as little as 8 minutes. IDEXX has also worked hard to innovate in the area of diagnostics, and in 2015, it introduced a new test that uses a renal biomarker called SDMA to identify cats and dogs that are in the early stages of kidney disease. In 2015, IDEXX sold a record 9,771 chemistry and hematology analyzers, and in the fourth quarter alone, 57% of Catalyst sales went to new accounts, the company reported. IDEXX’s bottom line has suffered from unfavorable currency exchange rates, but the company is still expecting up to 9% organic revenue growth in 2016--enough to bump up its earnings guidance for the year.

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*Proportion of sales from animal health products, as estimated by the company

7. IDEXX Laboratories – Top 10 animal health companies