Rank in 2013: 1st
Community Size: 4th
Activity: 7th
Engagement: 10th
Virality: 6th

GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) dropped from the top spot in Ogilvy's assessment last year to the middle of the pack this year, mainly because of lagging engagement--where it dropped to the bottom of the rankings--and activity, where it landed in the middle of the 14 companies.

On the plus side, GSK's Facebook posts are very visual with almost every post sporting a photo, infographic or video--which isn't always the case in pharma social media. Its YouTube channel also seems to be regularly stocked with fresh video, and it boasts a fairly active Flickr stream, which it mentions in its policy page as a photo and infographic source for journalists and others. With activity and engagement measured as an average over a three-week period chosen by Ogilvy, could it be that GSK was uncharacteristically lacking in posts and re-tweets during those weeks?

In a recent study from consultancy Radley Yeldar, in fact, GSK's social media efforts ranked in the top 10 of all of London's largest FTSE 100 companies, with a "standout" rating and the mention of social media as a strong suit for the company. GSK was given a much higher score than many more consumer-facing businesses, such as supermarket chain Morrisons and television network ITV. 

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