The Future of Nanotech Drug Delivery

Industry observers are convinced that nanotechnology is set to become an important medium in the field of drug delivery. And the prospects for nanotech keep getting sweeter as innovations keep making headlines across a broad medical range.

Here, FierceDrugDelivery has taken a look at the first few months of 2013 to highlight some of the most intriguing and potentially game-changing delivery nanotechs so far.

Nanomedicine is still a very young field within the broader scope of pharmaceuticals--Abraxis BioScience's (now Celgene's) Abraxane and Janssen's Doxil are some of the big names that have paved the way with FDA approval. But where nanotech is really booming at the moment is in pre- and early-stage clinical trials, where scientists are discovering new applications that could ultimately lead to the next big blockbuster.

With high-profile entrepreneurs like Robert Langer and well-known entities such as MIT and the National Institutes of Health investing in the innovation side of nanotech, the field is growing at a rapid pace. And the best part about it, analysts say, is that by focusing on the delivery of tried-and-true drugs, there's a relatively low overhead compared to the benefit the platforms provide in much-needed areas like cancer and diabetes. And new nanomeds are showing more than ever that they can improve those treatments with controlled, targeted delivery.

So here are a few of this year's important innovations so far with a broad range of applications, from HIV drugs to vaccines to the much-anticipated RNAi drugs. It of course is not a fully comprehensive list, but these are some that have caused a buzz this year in the scientific community and beyond.

-- Michael Gibney (email | Twitter)


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