Eli Lilly Truck: Top 10 Pharma Cargo Thefts

Eli Lilly Truck

Date: April 30, 2009
Time: Unknown
Location: Somerset, PA
Value: $37 million
Drugs Stolen: Insulin

A tractor-trailer containing refrigerated insulin was stolen from a truck stop when the driver stopped to get gas. The thieves jumped into the vehicle and took off, while the driver immediately contacted police. 

The risk of stolen drugs was fully realized last year when a stolen batch of insulin sent several diabetics to medical clinics. The drug had been improperly refrigerated.  Since then the FDA has issued an open letter to the industry urging greater security measures to counter cargo-theft. 

Resolution: Within 60 minutes, the trailer was recovered by the Pennsylvania State Police. It had been abandoned and the cargo had not been tampered with.

Eli Lilly Truck: Top 10 Pharma Cargo Thefts