Total: $103.1 million

Pfizer ($PFE) has steadily increased advertising for Pfizer's stop-smoking drug Chantix for several years. In 2014, it spent just over $100 million, up about 30% over the previous year. TV ads center on real people who quit smoking using Chantix, which is marketed as Champix outside the U.S.

Revenue for Chantix was $647 million in 2014, flat from 2013.

Chantix was a hoped-for blockbuster that was stymied by reports of negative side effects. Pfizer, in fact, has gone back and forth with the FDA over safety issues, most recently over Chantix' black box label listing possible psychiatric side effects--one that Pfizer wanted to remove. The FDA recently said the label stays, and should add new warnings about use with alcohol.

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