Bristol-Myers Squibb - Top 13 Ad Budgets

Company: Bristol-Myers Squibb bms.png
2007 Ad Spending: $796.3 million
2006 Ad Spending: $690.6 million


  • Magazines: $158.3 million
  • Newspaper: $6.8 million
  • Outdoor: $1 million
  • TV: $201.4 million
  • Radio: $200,000
  • Internet: $7.8 million

Where BMS is spending money: By far, BMS spent the most money on advertising Plavix ($174.8 million), the company's blockbuster anti-clotting drug, which was up 16.7 percent from 2007. Spending on company image advertising ($51M) and and the recently-approved rheumatoid arthritis drug Orencia ($35M) rounded out BMS's top campaigns.

The company focused on a key media area in 2007. Television ad spending was up in all categories: network TV (11.8 percent) spot TV (320 percent), syndicated TV (48 percent) and network TV (206 percent). In addition, B-to-B magazine ad spending was up 863 percent. BMS's ad budget grew 15.3 percent in total, and sales were up 12 percent to $19.3 billion.

Where BMS isn't spending money: The ad budget for psychiatric drug Abilify was down slightly from $101 million to $98 million. And the money that BMS dedicated to television commercials was taken from newspaper, radio and internet advertising budgets, all of which fell in 2007.

Bristol-Myers Squibb - Top 13 Ad Budgets

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