Branded Drug TV: 'Why We Science'

Bayer corporate ad campaign still image
Bayer's "Why We Science" TV ad campaign increased corporate brand trust and awareness with consumers. (Bayer)

Category: Branded Drug TV
Winning campaign: “This is Why We Science”
Client: Bayer
Agency: Campbell Ewald

When people think of Bayer, the first product that comes to mind is still aspirin. That’s the perception the global company set out to change with its branded drug TV campaign, “This is Why We Science,” created by Campbell Ewald.

“People know Bayer. It’s a trusted company and has been around for 155 years,” Ray Kerins, senior vice pr and head of corporate affairs at Bayer, said. “People know our name and they know our aspirin brand.

"What folks don’t know is that we’re also a large life sciences company with significant areas in agriculture as well as health care—not just consumer brands but also pharmaceutical.”

In pharma, Bayer develops and markets therapies to treat cancer, cardiovascular disease, hemophilia and many other life-threatening diseases.

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“Traditionally, pharma has been very conservative when it comes to advertising,” Jorge Moya, chief creative officer at sociedAD Campbell Ewald, said. “We never really thought of this as a pharma campaign. This is a campaign about humanity.”

The campaign includes a 60-second anthem spot that showcases a range of Bayer work from agriculture to pharmaceuticals. Evocative messages focus on the benefits Bayer brings to life to show the connection between science and humanity.

The spot opens with a farmer driving into a cornfield at night to inspect his crops, while a voiceover intones, “Because farmers should be able to use less water.” In the next scene, an elderly gentleman holds an aspirin in his hand before his granddaughter rushes to embrace him, while a voiceover says, “Because a heart attack should never stop the heart of a family.”

Additional scenes show a couple dancing at their golden wedding anniversary, children running through a field, and Bayer scientists working hard on technologies "so everything we do can help every life we touch. At Bayer, this is why we science.”

The campaign also features several 15-second spots. A spot for OTC pain med Aleve shows a dad working on a bicycle, grimacing as he holds his back. As his daughter jumps on the bike and her father gives her a push, a voiceover says, “At Bayer, we make medicine like Aleve that provides strong, long-lasting pain relief, so Sean can push her on to her next adventure.”

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Another 15-second spot shows a mother cradling a newborn, a dad twirling his daughter in the air, and a range of faces from children to farmers to senior citizens, while a voice-over intones, “because being healthy is what’s most important to all of us.”

All the spots end with the campaign’s tagline: “This is why we science.”

So far, the campaign has been successful at moving the needle on Bayer’s brand metrics. A recent internal study saw a 4.1% lift in overall brand acceptance, an 8.1% increase in unaided awareness, and a 5% increase in brand trust. In addition, during the campaign, Bayer’s media partner YouTube conducted a brand study that found an awareness lift of 11.3% and a brand favorability lift of 12.7%.

“We wanted to start a conversation with Americans about the importance of science in their lives—and obviously this program was launched prior to COVID,” Kerins said. Now we can truly embrace, even more so, the idea that science and technology can improve their lives.”

Branded Drug TV: 'Why We Science'