9. AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca's headquarters project has run into years of delays and significant cost overruns, and the drugmaker recently changed contractors. (AstraZeneca)

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
2017 prescription sales: $19.8 billion
Projected 2024 sales: $31.7 billion

AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot has never wavered in his promise of a turnaround for the long-suffering U.K. drugmaker and projections from Evaluate show that by 2024, that will happen, to a degree. 

It will have 38% greater sales than in 2017 and the No. 9 spot on Evaluate’s list of largest drugmakers in 2024. That year, it'll generate nearly $32 billion in sales.

That will be achieved through a combination of things. The patent loss for Crestor will finally be in the past and no longer a drain on the top line, while the growth areas Soriot has oft-touted will finally pay off.

AZ ranks sixth on Evaluate's list in value creation from recently launched drugs with expected sales of $62.7 billion over the 2017-2024 time period. It also ranks 6th in oncology sales over that period with a forecast of $13.7 billion in 2024, up 19% CAGR.

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The performance will be achieved in great part because of immuno-oncology drug Imfinzi, which Evaluate ranks 6th among new molecular entities approved in 2017 as judged on consensus sales in 2022 at $1.2 billion. Lung cancer drug Tagrisso will also play a role for AstraZeneca.

Imfinzi was the fifth-to-market PD-1/L1 with an approval in bladder cancer but has also picked up an approval since to treat stage 3 lung cancer patients whose tumors can't be removed, a market without a single competitor in sight.

Meanwhile, AstraZeneca also will sit at number five in worldwide sales of anti-diabetic drugs in 2024, up 4% CAGR to $3.2 billion.

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Also by 2024, AstraZeneca should finally be in its pricey, brand-new headquarters and R&D facility in Cambridge, U.K., which has been plagued by cost overruns and a switch in contractors.

9. AstraZeneca

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